P.O. Box 114, Carmel, ME 04419

Youth Soccer

Soccer registrations are open until Friday, September 10th  to allow for our season to get started ASAP.

IMPORTANT: Registrations are now done ONLINE only. Payment is due when you register online. We will no longer accept cash or check payments to reduce the handling of money.

Registration fee is $25

 **Disclosure** There is now a 3% convenience fee that will be charged with all registrations. This is not an upcharge for the Rec Department, but a fee we must pay our payment processing company for card payments.

How to register:

Go to www.carmelrecreation.com

Click the Account/Registration Tab

Create a new account and then log in (*if you already have an account just log in*)

Add a participant- This will be your child who you are registering (You may add multiple participants)

Under program registration select your participant and which sport you will be registering for


** Please opt in for text messaging for increased communication. Under Dashboard you will see on the bottom right it says TEXT MESSAGING and then add cell**


NOTE: Everyone this year is required to provide their own ball.

PK-K- Size 3 ball

1st-4th grade- Size 4 ball

5th/6th grade- Size 5 ball


**Note**- We will be following school/CDC guidelines and will be finalized prior to the season starting. Please be advised that guidelines can change at any time throughout our season.


We will need coaches to get the season started, if you are interested in coaching please indicate that during your registration process online and fill out a coach’s application.


Communication will now come through text messaging and email through our new online Jarvis Rec software program. If you have any questions, please email recreation@townofcarmel.org or contact Deidra at 207-299-3932.


There are no Youth sports registrations taking place at this time.